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Doughty Vows to Protect Will of People and Taxpayers

Doughty Challenges Healey to Support Taxpayers

Wrentham, MA – Today, Chris Doughty, Republican candidate for Governor, and Kate Campanale, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, pledged to protect the will of the people and taxpayers.  Doughty will veto any efforts to repeal the 1986 law that requires the state to return excess money to the taxpayers if state revenue grows at a rate higher than the increase in wages and salaries.  Speaker Ron Marino has indicated that he may attempt to “undo the law.”

“Massachusetts residents have been suffering for months due to high inflation.  The legislature has refused to suspend the gas tax and they have been dragging their feet on providing any form of relief.  The needs of hard working taxpayers have been ignored.  It appears the 1986 law and Governor Baker are the only ones trying to help.  As the next Governor, I will veto any attempt to repeal the 1986 ballot measure that requires excess funds to go back to the people,” said Doughty.

“Having served in the legislature.  Chris is right.  Taxpayers are their last priority.  We will not only protect this law, but we will work to cut taxes more than Gov. Bill Weld did.  We are the only team equipped to lower taxes for the taxpayers,” said Campanale.  “This once again shows why we need balance at the State House with a Republican Governor.”

Doughty and Campanale are challenging Attorney General Maura Healey on the issue.  He believes the people have the right to know if she will stand by the will of the people and return excess tax revenue to the taxpayers.  

“It is time for Maura Healey to stop hiding on the tax issue.  Will she support the law?  Does she believe that the taxpayers should get their money back?” asked Doughty.  “These are hard times.  Voters need to know if the candidates for Governor will help or hurt.”

Healey has made no statement on the proposed $250 rebate proposal.  She opposed the gas tax holiday.  On the campaign trail, she has indicated support for TCI that would raise gas prices and she is open to a carbon tax. She is proposing the same tax and spend policies as our state legislature.

“We need a Governor who will make the taxpayers, good jobs and affordability the priority.  Maura Healey is not that candidate.  The state cannot sue its way into economic prosperity.  We need leadership on economic issues,” said Doughty.

Doughty believes that the legislature could have also passed some form of economic development if they had not waited so long.  

“For legislators to be blaming the 1986 law for failing to pass economic development is just wrong.  They have had months to do it.  It is clear that taxpayers are their lowest priority and that’s why they failed,” added Doughty.

“A recession is looming and the legislature did not finish their work.  They should come back into session and get the economic bill passed,” said Campanale.