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Petition: Suspend the Gas Tax Now

There is one thing on everyone’s mind – the price of gas.

Here in Massachusetts the price has skyrocketed 54 cents in just one week. Ouch!

We need relief. That’s why yesterday I called for a suspension of the state’s gas tax.

Guess who has had nothing to say about the gas tax or the pain at the pump?

Answer: Maura Healey.

You and I know why she has been MIA on this issue. MIA Maura has no intention of
working to make Massachusetts more affordable. Like so many others at the State
House, they believe they are entitled to your savings and your paychecks. I believe you should be able to keep more!

I am here to stop them. Will you join me?

Today I am launching a petition calling for the suspension of the gas tax. Will you add your name in support?


Suspend the Gas Tax in Massachusetts Now.

By signing today, you will be showing your support for suspending the gas tax
during this crisis. You will be helping families and seniors who cannot afford these soaring costs. I would truly appreciate it if you would add your name to the growing list.

Together, we can make Massachusetts affordable. Let’s do this.