Doughty/Campanale Announce Plan for Western Massachusetts

 Today Chris Doughty, Republican candidate for Governor, and Kate Campanale, candidate for Lt. Governor, revealed their plan focused on helping Western Massachusetts.

“The needs of Western Massachusetts must be a priority for the next Governor. Whether it is growing jobs or making life more affordable, this region will be a priority for the Doughty/Campanale administration,” 
said Doughty.

As the next Governor, Doughty will use his extensive business experience to create better paying jobs in Western Massachusetts while addressing the specific needs of the region.

The Doughty/Campanale plan addresses the following issues:

  • Prioritizing Western Massachusetts Issues
  • Creating Jobs
  • Cutting the Cost of Living
  • Rebuilding the Roderick L. Ireland Courthouse and Revitalizing Downtown Springfield
  • Maintain Robust Commitment of State Aid to Local Governments
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Grown the Tourism Industry
  • Remove the tolls on Mass Pike in Western Massachusetts

As part of the plan, Campanale will spend one day per month in Western Massachusetts working on local issues. The region will have a seat at the table at the State House.

“With innovative, creative and bold thinking, we can revitalize the local economy and grow jobs and wages,”
 said Campanale.

Doughty plans on making rebuilding the Roderick L. Ireland Courthouse a priority along with eliminating Western Massachusetts tolls.

“Governor Weld removed the tolls that burden this region and that decision was reversed by Gov. Patrick. To help encourage growth and to make the area affordable, we will rescind the tolls once again,” 
said Doughty.

“Berkshire County has been named one of the most vibrant arts areas in the nation. We want to grow that creative economy by supporting local tourism. Our administration will be focused on reversing our state’s tourism decline. Massachusetts needs to once again be a leader for tourism with a special focus on the uniqueness of Western Massachusetts,” 
said Doughty.

See the full plan on the Platform page.