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Letter: There are two extremist frontrunners for governor: the case for Doughty

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To the editor,

I am writing this in response to previous articles written by Bob WaiteLori Kelly, and Robert Cassaday.

The race for governor isn’t over, and the outcome is not inevitable. Maura Healey and Geoff Diehl both represent extremes within their parties, and neither is a good fit to be the next governor.

Maura Healey is an extreme progressive candidate for governor endorsed by far-left politicians such as Elizabeth Warren and “the Squad” member Ayanna Pressley.

Too often, she has let her ultra-’liberal’ politics play a hand in her decision-making as attorney general, a job that is intended to be apolitical.

She has time and time again refused to compromise with conservatives or listen to the needs of those who disagree with her.

As governor of a commonwealth with outsized Democrat representation in the House, Senate, and courts, there’s no telling how far she could advance her extreme agenda free of checks and balances.

Geoff Diehl is a Trump-endorsed Republican who has already been rejected at the statewide level in 2018 by a margin of 60% to 38%.

He has embraced the lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, supported the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and has sought to prevent action on climate change.

He has not outlined any real policy to make the commonwealth better and has no plans to do so.

Lori Kelly, make no mistake: if Geoff Diehl wins the nomination to be the Republican candidate for governor, the coronation of Maura Healey and a rubber-stamp, Democrat-run state government is inevitable.

So what’s left for citizens in the commonwealth who don’t support either extreme? Want a reasonable choice? Chris Doughty.

Chris Doughty, a businessman from Wrentham, is challenging Geoff Diehl in an underdog campaign for the Republican nomination and is running in the mold of Charlie Baker.

Doughty is an outsider, unlike Healy and Diehl, who have already spent too long in the Massachusetts political fray.

Doughty has built a vision for our state that includes providing additional funding to schools and teachers, providing additional funding at the local level (where targeted investment can have the greatest impact on communities), reviewing and modernizing the MBTA and holding it accountable, and improving job training opportunities across the state.

Chris Doughty is the right candidate for Massachusetts.

Matt Mahoney